Seungri spotted in club again? Netizens show mixed reactions

Witness of former BIG BANG member Seungri in a club recently spread online

Someone recently released a photo of a man wearing a baseball cap in a club in an online community and claimed that it was Seungri, drawing attention. 

In response to the photo, malicious comments towards Seungri were poured out.

Earlier in April, Chinese-Indonesian tycoon Grace Tahir posted photos and videos showing him drinking with Seungri on his personal SNS account, causing a controversy.

Seungri spotted in club

At that time, Seungri in the video said, “This is the traditional Korean style. You should shake the soju bottle like this”. Seungri demonstrated that by hitting the bottom of the soju bottle using his palm and elbow. He added, “I can do it even with my elbow. Like this”.

Seungri spotted in club

The majority of netizens harshly criticized Seungri, saying “You haven’t realized it?”, “So he has been playing in clubs these days?”, etc. However, some people reacted differently, saying “He’s no longer a public figure, and going to clubs is not something illegal”, “I don’t know if he will return to the entertainment industry or not but gossiping about one’s personal life is too much”, etc.

Source: Daum

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