Seo Ye Jin withdrew from OCN’s “ISLAND” after the scandal

After deciding not to attend the press conference for the new movie “Recalled,” Seo Ye Ji chose to withdraw from “Island.”

On the afternoon of April 13, OCN is discussing the decision that Seo Ye Ji has decided to withdraw from the movie “Island”. Although it hasn’t started filming yet, “Island” has received attention by its attractive script adapted from webtoon.  The movie is about a man looking for a woman to end his cursed immortal life, and both bonded together by a young exorcist priest.

Seo Ye Ji initially agreed to play the female lead Won Min Ho, the daughter of a wealthy family, but she does not know that she is the goblins’ target. Besides, Kim Nam Gil has been confirmed to play the male lead, and Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) is discussing the role of the priest.  However, when the series has not yet started filming on Jeju Island to broadcast in the second quarter of this year, the female lead, Seo Ye Jin, has decided to withdraw. 

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Today (April 13), Seo Ye Ji also canceled the schedule to attend the press conference to release the new movie “Recalled,” leaving the male lead Kim Kang Hoon alone. 

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Poster for “Recalled”

Initially, the actress intended to still attend the press conference after the scandal but then asked to not receiving interview questions related to sensitive issues.  In the end, knowing it was impossible, Seo Ye Ji decided to withdraw from the press conference.

Earlier, on the morning of April 12, Dispatch reported that Seo Ye Ji was Kim Jung Hyun’s secret ex-girlfriend. The actress was also the one who asked Kim Jung Hyun to minimize the skinship with his female co-star, Seohyun (SNSD) in the drama “Time”.

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