Seo Ye-ji to come back with new drama after controversies over gaslighting and lying about her educational background

Actress Seo Ye-ji will return with tvN’s new drama “Eve’s Scandal.” Earlier, the actress was embroiled in various controversies such as gaslighting Kim Jung-hyun, forgery of educational background, and power abuse. 

On December 28th, Studio Dragon revealed a list of works scheduled to be released in 2022. Among them were the drama “Eve’s Scandal” (written by Yoon Young-mi, directed by Park Bong-seop).

The main characters are played by Seo Ye-ji, Park Byung-eun, Yoo Seon, and Lee Sang-yeop. Seo Ye-ji is going to appear as Lee Ra-ael with fatal charms, and Lee Sang-yeop will appear as a human rights lawyer who loves her. “Eve’s Scandal” is a romantic melo-drama. It is a story that digs into the inside story of a divorce lawsuit worth 2 trillion won by a chaebol that has turned Korea upside down.

Seo Ye-ji to come back with new drama

In April, Seo Ye-ji was criticized for the controversy over gaslighting her ex-boyfriend. When her then-boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun was filming the drama “Time,” he was manipulated and had to report every move to her. This adversely affected the drama. Kim Jung-hyun actually refused to do romantic scenes with the heroine (Seohyun), and he also created controversy by having an insincere attitude at the drama’s press conference. Eventually, Kim Jung-hyun dropped out of “Time”. As a result, the script of “Time” was changed. The main actors, including Seohyun, and staff also suffered many difficulties.

Seo Ye-ji to come back with new drama

That’s not everything. Seo Ye-ji’s staff at that time raised controversies over power abuse and alumni who lived in Spain at the same time as the actress began to expose her, putting Seo Ye-ji in the situation of being surrounded by enemies everywhere. The forgery of Seo Ye-ji’s educational background was also a decisive blow into the controversies. During her debut days, the actress once said, “I majored in journalism at a famous university in Madrid, Spain”, but her claim turned out to be false.

Seo Ye-ji to come back with new drama

Her agency later released a vague explanation, saying, “It’s true that she prepared for the admission after receiving the acceptance letter. Since she debuted in Korea after then, she couldn’t go to study at the university properly”. However, they couldn’t provide any evidence, such as an acceptance certificate.

Seo Ye-ji to come back with new drama

After that, Seo Ye-ji left OCN’s drama project “Island” and has suspended her activities for about 7 months. The news of “Eve’s Scandal” first filming was announced last month, but Seo Ye-ji continued to receive coldhearted gazes from netizens.

Seo Ye-ji to come back with new drama
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