Sensitive controversy over the lineup of “Gachon University Festival”

Sensitive backbiting is being made among students over the Gachon University festival lineup.

On Sep 15th, the Gachon University Student Council unveiled the lineup of musicians on the festival stage by posting on their official Instagram, “2022 Gachon University Festival Celebratory Performances LINE UP!!” GyeongseoYeji and MeloMance will perform on Sep 21st while Urban Zakapa, fromis_9 and Dynamic Duo will perform on Sep 22nd.

fromis 9

Of course, they are all great musicians, but some students stood up with reactions such as “Reveal the budget and payment details”. The student council actively promoted the recruitment of top singers, but they did not keep their promise. The budget for the Gachon University Festival is known to be about 160 million won.


The comparison with the Dankook University festival held on the same day also angered Gachon University students. Dankook University is known to have invited NewJeans, Lee Hi, Woo Won-jae, Coogie, Loco, Simon Dominic, Jay Park, HolyBang and MVP with a total budget of 117 million won.

A Gachon University student asked the student council to disclose the budget use by writing on Everytime’s free bulletin board, “It costs a total of 74 million won assuming that the appearance fees of GyeongseoYeji, MeloMance, Dynamic Duo, Urban Zakapa and fromis_9 are respectively 5 million won, 15 million won, 15 million won, 9 million won and 30 million won. There will be a gap of 86 million won.”

Source: wikitree

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