Scandalous male director caught having questionable action towards Esther Yu on set 

This director is accused of showing an inappropriate action towards Esther Yu during filming of a new drama. 

In new behind-the-scenes images of the upcoming historical drama “Half Of Us” posted by Sohu, Esther Yu and director Guo Jing Ming were sitting close to each other to discuss the scenes. 


However, what caused controversy was Guo Jing Ming’s questionable action. He suddenly put his hand on Esther Yu’s lap. The director put his hand inside the heating glove on Esther Yu’s thigh, rubbing it back and forth, then pulled his hand away. After finishing the conversation, Guo Jing Ming left and Esther Yu’s expression looked quite awkward.


These photos are being spread on Weibo and attract the attention of netizens. Some netizens are criticizing Guo Jing Ming and calling his action “sexual harassment.” 

On the other hand, there are opinions that netizens should not be too harsh. According to Sohu, the set was very cold at night, so Guo Jing Ming brought her the heating glove to keep her warm. 


Guo Jing Ming a famous Chinese director who has gotten into multiple controversies. Besides shocking statements every time his new work is released, he also had a long time of being boycotted and even restricted from activities due to a plagiarism scandal. 

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Directed by Guo Jing Ming, “Half Of Us” is led by Esther Yu and Zhang Linghe, making viewers look forward to the two’s chemistry. 

Source: k14. 

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