Sandara Park Talks About Visiting Fubao Panda Recently, “I Cry Because Fubao Is Leaving For China”

Singer Sandara Park mentioned her recent meeting with Fubao and expressed special affection for the baby panda

Brian and Sandara Park guested on the February 23rd broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”. 

On the program, Sandara Park revealed that she had recently come to visit the panda Fubao. When Kim Tae-gyun said, “He’s leaving for China this April”, Sandara Park added, “We can only visit him until March 3rd. The baby has to prepare for the flight so he cannot come out to see visitors”.

The female singer complained, “I’ve cried a lot as I think of Fu Bao these days. I won’t be able to see him again. He was born in Yongin but if Fubao goes to China, we have no choice but to go to China to see him. I’m very upset”.

Expressing her feelings about meeting Fubao in real life, Sandara Park said, “It was like a dream. Fubao was sleeping, but the visit was like a dream. I could only see him for 5 minutes, so I captured how he looks like in my eyes, took pictures of him, and a selfie with Fubao in the background.”

As someone commented, “I think he’s bigger than you”, Sandara Park said, “He’s very huge. Since he’s big, he also looks cuter. He’s a baby panda that is about to turn 4 years old”. When asked if 100kg is small for a 3-year-old panda, Sandara Park said, “Considering the fact that Fubao’s mom and dad were all in the range of 90kg when they were that age, Fubao is actually very big”.

Source: Daum

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