Kim Ji Hoon Recalled Filming Full Nude Scene In “Money Heist,” “It Was Impossible To Get Erected”

On January 23, the 8th episode of Jang Sung Kyu‘s YouTube show “Don’t Forget Your Breakfast” was posted on the channel “Studio Suze,” featuring actor Kim Ji Hoon as the guest. In this video, Kim recalled the behind-the-scenes of his infamous sex scene in the Netflix series “Money Heist, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.”

Money Heist

In this series, Kim Ji Hoon acted as Denver, one of the robbers, who fell in love with one of the hostages, Yoon Mi Sun. The two even had a hot fully-nude sex scene together, which is rare in Korean dramas.

In his show, Jang Sung Kyu mentioned Kim Ji Hoon’s sex scene. In response, Kim revealed that it would be his first and also his last sex scene. Jang Sung Kyu then asked about the filming process. To which, Kim Ji Hoon answered, “It was more intense in the original. But we also wanted to match that level. Both me and my partner were fully prepared, so there was no hitch.”

Jang Sung Kyu then asked how they covered themselves for the scene. Kim Ji Hoon described, “We use pads and… we tape that… around our body… like a diaper.” To Jang Sung Kyu’s surprise, Kim revealed that it is “impossible” to have an erection while filming due to the level of focus and stress both the actor and actress need to endure. 

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