Chinese fan club conducts “SBS advertisement” to commemorate BTS Jungkook’ performance at World Cup opening ceremony

In commemoration of BTS Jungkook’s performance at the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup, his “Chinese fan club” will conduct a domestic terrestrial TV advertisement.

Chinese fan club “Jungkook China” announced that they will conduct a domestic terrestrial TV advertisement on Nov 20th to support Jungkook, who has the honor of standing on the stage of the “2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup Opening Ceremony”, which is scheduled to be held on the same day.

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Jungkook China showed off their strong fan power by explaining that Jungkook’s TV advertisement would appear before and after the opening ceremony on the domestic TV channel SBS. They said, “We hope this advertisement will be the ‘best’ and ‘strongest’ support for Jungkook as well as make many people interested in him.”

They added, “Jungkook is the only person suitable for such a hot and glorious stage. Chinese fans will welcome his brighter future together with the best support.”

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In particular, given that the advertisement will appear during the live broadcast of the World Cup, which is receiving explosive attention from all over the world, the cost is likely to be enormous.

Netizens showed reactions such as “Wow, I never imagined a commercial during World Cup’s live broadcast“, “Wow, it’s amazing. It can’t be compared to the usual advertising cost“, “An advertisement during World Cup’s prime time is just another class“…


Earlier, “Jungkook China” carried out a birthday advertisement for Jungkook on Mnet, Korea’s largest music TV channel, on Sep 1st this year.

In addition, in April, Jungkook’s TV commercial was broadcast on Mnet, to celebrate the honor of being nominated for the 64th Grammy Awards and a performer at the 2021 US Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs). Various other videos of Jungkook from year-end music festivals, TV commercials and entertainment programs were also featured.

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Previously, “Jungkook China” celebrated Jungkook’s birthday on September 1st, 2022, and endlessly conducted 24 outstanding projects in countries all around the world.

Source: Nate

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