Sandara Park revealed love for Sunmi, “Wonder Girls was a legendary figure”

In a radio show, Sandara Park expressed her wish to become friends with Sunmi and revealed a lot of affection for her labelmate. 

On January 10th, Sandara Park honestly confessed on the MBC radio program “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” that she wanted to be close with Sunmi, who is under the same agency, 

In particular, Sandara Park drew attention by admitting that she has been watching Sunmi for about a year before expressing her feelings. “I asked Sunmi what her MBTI was through SNS. It took a lot of courage,” she said. 

Sandara Park

Then, Sandara Park talked about Sunmi and her old groups – Wonder Girls and 2NE1. “Wonder Girls is 2NE1’s senior. We debuted when they went to the U.S and couldn’t meet them. They were a legendary figure.”

On the same day, Sandara Park left a video letter to Sunmi, where she said, “Sunmi, I know you’re more of a homebody than I am, but I think we can grow closer after about two years. I decided to drop the honorifics, so let’s be friends.” 


On the other hand, Sandara Park debuted as a member of girl group 2NE1 in 2009 and received a lot of love through various hit songs such as “Fire”, “I don’t care”, and “I Am The Best”. After the group’s disbandment in 2016, she has continued her acting and entertainment activities. 

Meanwhile, the radio program “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Moon” is broadcast every day at noon on MBC FM4U.

Source: wikitree

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