While Solbin is being criticized, K-nets rake up the scandal of RM calling G-Dragon without honorifics

With all the criticism towards Solbin lately, netizens suddenly rake up the scandal of RM once calling G-Dragon by his name without honorifics and criticize both RM and BTS's fans.

Even after a while, the controversy of Solbin (Laboum) calling Jin (BTS) without honorifics still seems to be a hot topic among Kpop fans. Recently, netizens have once again raked up the incident of RM (BTS) calling G-Dragon’s name without using honorifics in an interview to compare with the controversy of Solbin.
In particular, the ARMYs have criticized Solbin for directly calling Jin, who is an older senior of her, as “Kim Seokjin“. They said, “In South Korea, it’s very important to use the honorifics“, “Solbin shouldn’t call someone who’s 5 years older than her by his full name” or “Even BTS members don’t dare to call him that”. Solbin received very harsh criticism from BTS’s fans these days.
However, Knets overturned the RM incident, when the leader of BTS “accidently” called G-Dragon‘s name directly without honorifics in an interview. ARMYs defended him as: “They’re just colleagues anyways“, “Why are Korean netizens always to make this problem bigger than it should be? How annoying…“, “How could he use honorifics while he was talking in English?“,…
– “Solbin didn’t use honorifics and she apologized but she’s still criticized, RM didn’t use honorifics and they said “They’re just colleagues anyways”… It’s too unfair.”
– “Even when GD is at the top now, I still see him always bowing to both seniors and juniors. How can a junior call a senior’s name as if they’re equal?
– “If his IQ is high then how could he forget to use honorifics? ARMY really did throw criticism at another idol when their idol made that mistake first.”
– “I don’t remember hearing any apology from the idol of that international group yet? Am I wrong? Poor Solbin.”
– “Solbin apologized on her Instagram, why’re ARMYs still throwing hate at her? The way you all are swearing at Solbin is not nice at all.”
The story of Solbin calling Jin without honorifics has been pushed further than ever. Even the old incident of RM has been raked up again. And you, what do you think about this controversy?

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