Song Hye Kyo for Chaumet, visuals that seem to have been carefully crafted

Song Hye Kyo evoked admiration with her goddess-like beauty at a recent Chaumet event in Paris, France.

On June 9th, Song Hye Kyo posted several photos on her Instagram. The photos were taken at the Chaumet event held in Paris, France.

song hye kyo

In the revealed photos, Song Hye Kyo can be seen wearing a white dress, adorned with dazzling jewelry, and holding a champagne glass. Gazing at the camera, Song Hye Kyo captivates viewers with her top-tier visual, which resembles that of a goddess. Her sharp facial features also seem to be carefully crafted.

At the same time, Song Hye Kyo showcases her unique beauty with elegance and grace. She also previously shared two photos with idol-actor Cha Eun Woo, once again evoking admiration. 

It was a scene where two pieces of art are standing together.

On the other hand, Song Hye Kyo received a lot of love for her recent project, “The Glory”, and was even crowned Best Actress for a TV Drama at the prestigious Baeksang.

Source: Nate 

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