Female Kpop idols who can learn choreographies with an impressive speed 

These Kpop idols can learn their group choreographies so fast, even their own group mates are shocked.

Alongside catchy melodies and outstanding visuals, an eye-catching choreography is also a crucial element that attracts people to Kpop. Therefore, it’s important that Kpop idols constantly improve their dancing skills, and most of them are decent dancers. However, some particular cases can learn choreographies so fast, even their members are shocked. 


As the main dancer of BLACKPINK, Lisa has greatly impressed people with her impressive moves right from debut. Her astounding physique and charisma also greatly add to Lisa’s performance, and according to an interview with Billboard, Lisa only needs 2 to 3 hours to master a new choreography. 

BLACKPINK Lisa mesmerizes viewers with her beautiful dancing moves 
Lisa Blackpink
The female idol shine super brightly on stage 

When BLACKPINK appeared on the TV program “Idol Room”, Lisa also managed to impress with her choreography skills. In particular, she only needed to watch Red Velvet’s performance of “Red Flavor” once to perfectly imitate it, showing that she’s a “born idol”. 

Momo (TWICE) 

Debuted in the famous Kpop girl group TWICE, Momo boasts spectacular visuals and dancing skills. The female idol easily can carry out technical moves, and is often responsible for TWICE’s explosive dance breaks.

Momo easily draws eyes the moment she steps on stage
twice momo
The female idol is highly praised for her dancing skills

In addition, Momo is the fastest TWICE member when it comes to learning choregraphies. She doesn’t stop at mimicking, but also adds her own charms to the moves. In the TWICE PERFORMANCE PROJECT, Momo only took 2 hours to learn the choreography for Masego & FKJ “Tadow” and Christopher’s “Bad”. 

twice momo
Momo delivered an outstanding performance, having learned the moves in just 2 hours 

Seulgi (Red Velvet) 

It’s no exaggeration to say that Seulgi is an all-rounder in the Kpop world, and has never failed expectations when she hit the stage. The Red Velvet member can sing, rap, and dance perfectly both while along and with her group members. 

red velvet seulgi
Seulgi performs every dancing move precisely, down to every finger placement 

As Red Velvet’s main dancer, it comes as no surprise that Seulgi is a fast learner when it comes to choreography. It only took Seulgi 19 hours to memorize all the choreography for “Queendom”.

seulgi red velvet
Seulgi can memorize even hard choreographies in a short amount of time
red velvet seulgi
Seulgi is known for both her good dancing and stage presence 

Jihyo (TWICE)

Not only is Jihyo the main vocalist of TWICE, she is also an amazing dancer of the group. Despite TWICE’s hectic schedules, Jihyo always shows awesome energy on stage and delivers satisfying performances.

twice jihyo
Jihyo is one of the best dancers in TWICE

The choreography for “I Can’t Stop Me” is known to be difficult and tiring, but Jihyo only needed 20 hours to memorize all the moves. During the promotions, she impressed viewers with her sharp dancing line and confidence on stage.

twice jiho
TWICE’s leader learned the dance in less than a day
twice jihyo
Jihyo is always full of energy on stage 

Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul is not only famous for being MAMAMOO’s rapper with a distinct voice tone but is also appreciated for her dancing skills. 

Moonbyul’s dancing talent is impressive 
She nails every performance

At the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Award, MAMAMOO heated up the stage with “Hip”. The most shocking part was, Moonbyul learned the dance in only 10 minutes. Although the practice time was extremely limited, Moonbyul perfectly pulled off the performance. 

Moonbyul is famous for her ability to learn choreography 
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