BTS RM would never leave BTS, said he’s less relevant than a farmer or street sweeper 

RM, the leader of boy group BTS, discussed the weight of being a global icon as well as mentioned his solo activities.

Fashion magazine Vogue recently released their pictorial and interview with BTS RM, who attended Milan Fashion Week back in February and conducted an interview with Vogue Spain then.

Regarding the title of “global icon”, RM suggested that it is a title that the public can understand. He also mentioned the Beatles, which created a huge sensation during the sixties and seventies, though he affirmed that he is not comparing BTS to them. 


“We represent a group of young people who move in unison, with a common goal. The dances, the visual component, the reactions on social networks, the relaxed vibes.. All of this contributes to people’s enthusiasm“, RM said.

According to RM, since BTS’ debut in 2013, the Kpop industry has never ceased expanding. Participation in the industry since an early age brought him “a real family” in BTS, yet at the same time, it has affected RM a lot. 

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to be treated as an adult who has autonomy in his decisions. I am perceived as one more gear of the crew, in the context of a massive phenomenon”, the male idol reflected. 

In his interview, RM also pondered on the importance of his music, saying, “Music is really necessary to the world, but when it comes to my music, sometimes I feel like I’m producing something unnecessary. If I died tonight, I think nothing would change. It may have mattered to some for a while, but a farmer or a street sweeper is more relevant to the functioning of society.”


RM also expressed his insights about the idol career, saying, “I still love this industry, it has given me so many good things. ARMYs all over the world give true love to us. But that love must be responded to, which can also cause stress. I’ve been an idol since the age of 20, when I did not know much about the world. That is the most complicated part. So I have to say to myself, ‘Man, go back to the beginning. Where you started, to your most human part, to hip-hop.”

Regarding concerns about solo activities, RM emphasized as the leader of BTS that he would never leave the group, adding, “Lots of bands split up and fall apart, but I hope that doesn’t happen to BTS. I just love the music, I love my job, I love the members and I love myself, I think we can be something legendary in the long run.”

On the other hand, RM released his solo album “Indigo” in December last year. He will also be participating in the title song “Smoke Sprite” of Hwang So Yoon (also known as So!YoOn!)’s second regular album “Episode 1: Love”. 

Source: Vogue Spain

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