Ryu Jun Yeol almost played a completely different role in 1988

Ryu Jun Yeol made a deep impression after playing the second male lead Jung Hwan of “Reply 1988”, but it turns out he auditioned for another role 

As the third installment of the famous K-drama series “Reply”, “Reply 1988” was extremely strict in its audition, and yet there are still hilarious situations. For Ryu Jun Yeol, he prepared extremely hard for one particular character, only to be casted for a completely different one and gaining massive success after.  

In particular, Ryu Jun Yeol shared on the talk show “Taxi” that he prepared for all sorts of characters in “Reply 1988”, but was most dedicated to one particular role – Dong Ryong. According to the actor, he even learned to dance in order to pull off the most convincing performance.

I thought I’d be casted as Dong Ryong, but at the end of my audition, director Shin Won Ho suddenly asked if I could play Go. After responding positively to the question, I thought he’d consider me to play Choi Taek”, Ryu Jun Yeol said. However, as we all know, Ryu Jun Yeol ended up playing Jung Hwan – who appears cold yet is extremely caring inside, and holds an requited love towards female lead Duk Sun. 

In the end, despite not getting the role he wanted in “Reply 1988”, Ryu Jun Yeol managed to earn the love of numerous viewers with his regretful, yet swooning character. The actor basically became a star after his hit K-drama, nailing various leading roles on both the big and small screen, with his latest work being the high-anticipated movie “Alienoid”.

On the other hand, Dong Ryong is played by actor Lee Dong Hwi, who also gained great attention via the role.

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