TWICE Jeong Yeon’s small face has caused a fever

Fans said Jeong Yeon’s small face was really rare in K-pop.

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Recently, the topic of Jeong Yeon‘s appearance was discussed by Korean netizens on the Pann Nate forum. Besides her long straight legs that still receive many praises, the proportion of the TWICE member’s face was also praised as well.

“The watermelon seed is really like a dot on my face but for Jeong Yeon it looks like a certain insect. Her face was really small,” a fan commented.

To Korean, small faces are one of the most popular beauty standards recently. Therefore, fans admire the idols that have this character.

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Another fan posted another photo of Jeong Yeon‘s face size with TWICE members. Despite the closer angle of shooting, the face of the idol born in 1996 is still surprisingly small when being compared to her colleagues’.

twice Jeong Yeon 487 1542594665

Her small face is also the advantage that makes Jeong Yeon look taller than the other members, although their height is not different.

Jeong Yeon‘s face is as small as a baby’s one.

twice Jeong Yeon 8 1542594665

Because of her extremely small face, she often curls her short hair to make her face look bigger.

Fans commented: “Jeong Yeon deserves to be the idol coming out from comics with long legs and a small beautiful face.”

Her small face and short hair always make Jeong Yeon look young, attractive and outstanding.

In TWICE, only Jeong Yeon follows the tomboy and girl crush image. Standing in harmony with eight fragile pieces, she is loved for bringing a fresh feeling.

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Jeong Yeon‘s talent is also a feature that makes many anti-TWICE not be able to hate this girl.

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