“Running Man” Kang Ha-neul Refuses To Drop Honorifics With Jeon So-min

Actor Kang Ha-neul revealed his ‘Confucian boy’ aspect on “Running Man”

Kang Ha-neul and Jung So-min, the cast of the new movie “30 Days”, guested on the September 24th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”.

In that episode, the 9 members had to find a popular man and a popular woman hiding among them, who had lost their memories in an unexpected accident.

Kang Ha-neul decided to choose Jeon So-min as his partner and formed a couple with her, asking “Can I sit with you?”.

Getting chosen, Jeon So-min looked very happy. She said, “Then call me So-min from now on”, suggesting that Kang Ha-neul should drop honorifics with her.

However, Kang Ha-neul immediately drew a line, saying “No. I’m okay. That’s impolite”, making everyone laugh at his unexpected aspect of a “Confucian boy”.

Source: Daum

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