HYBE Critcizied By ARMY For Promoting V Impersonation Account

Fans are voicing frustration over HYBE putting on billboard ads using BTS’s V impersonation YouTube account 

On March 21st, OP posted in theqoo complaining about HYBE’s mistake in promoting BTS V’s song “FRI(END)S”. 

In particular, OP pointed out that BTS’s official account shared an advertisement for V’s new single “FRI(END)S”. The ads showed various Shorts videos on YouTube that used the sound from “FRI(END)S” and accounts that created such videos. 

However, ARMY immediately noticed a V impersonation account on the ads. Although fans have been telling each other to report this impersonation account, BTS’s official channel is promoting it. 

OP emphasized, “We asked for V-Topic with 2.2 million subscribers to be restored but got ignored. Shortly after that, they created a new account impersonating V. When you search V on YouTube, the impersonation account will appear at the top so fans have been protesting and asking YouTube to fix it”

OP added, “Big Hit’s official account is promoting the impersonation account with a link to it. Because of that, the number of subscribers on that impersonation account increased from 800 to 230,000 within a day”.

In response, other netizens commented:

– Seeing this, I hope BTS won’t renew their contacts with HYBE again… It’ll be better if the members just set up a label on their own

– Is the company an anti of the group?

– They should have checked everything before putting on the ads… What are they doing?

– HYBE, please do your work properly

– Just recruit ARMYs to work for BTS

– I still don’t understand why they did that

– You can’t even do your work properly? 

– Whoever did this to Taehyung should be fired

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