Running Man has found Lee Kwang Soo’s “successor” who not only looks like him but also shares the same personality!

Running Man has found Lee Kwang Soo’s “lost sister”!

In the latest episode of “Running Man“, the cast welcomed guests who are well-known athletes of the Korean women’s volleyball team. Among them, Kim Yeon Koung – the team’s leader has left a strong impression on both the viewers and the Running Man members because of her similar appearance to former member Lee Kwang Soo. Participating in the challenges with Kim Yeon Koung, the members got emotional when they felt like the “Prince of Asia” had returned to the show.

Right from the moment, she showed up, Kim Yeon Koung immediately grabbed the attention thanks to her terrific height of 1m92. When the members commented that she is like the “female version” of Lee Kwang Soo, the female athlete admitted that many people around her had said the same thing.

Throughout the episode, the members repeatedly called the female athlete Kwang Soo. During a challenge, Kim Yeon Koung surprised the cast when she showed different expressions that look similar to Lee Kwang Soo.

lee kwang soo
Looking at Kim Yeon Koung, the members thought they got to see Kwang Soo again on the show
lee kwang soo
Kim Yeon Koung’s humor reminds everyone of Lee Kwang Soo
lee kwang soo
The female athlete also did the legendary Feel Chok Cross chant with Ji Suk Jin

Source: K14

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