“Yumi’s Cells” Park Jin Young, “I can’t sympathize with Yoo Babi when his heart was shaken by the intern” 

Park Jin Young, who plays Yoo Babi in “Yumi’s Cells 2”, talked about his role. 

On July 21st, Arena Homme Plus released a pictorial and interview with GOT7 member and actor Park Jin Young.

When asked if he felt burdened by the fans of the original “Yumi’s Cells” webtoon, Park Jin Young said, “I couldn’t turn a blind eye to fans of the original. However, I don’t think I was able to act my own way if I’m conscious of the eyes of webtoon readers.”

When asked about what he found it difficult to empathize with his character Yoo Babi, Park Jin Young said, “The part where there was an earthquake in Babi’s cell village because his heart was shaken by the intern Da Eun.”

Park Jin Young has just celebrated the 10th anniversary since his debut. He showed his growth by saying, “I am less anxious than I used to be. It’s good if it goes well, but I don’t start with anxiety whatever the results are.” 

Park Jin Young chose his role of “Park Hyun Soo in 1995” in the 2015 drama “Beloved Eun Dong” as ​​the work that fueled his passion for acting. He recalled, “It was my first time playing a character with an independent narrative, and it was really fun.”

Park Jin Young expressed gratitude to those around him, saying, “If I had stood alone, it would have collapsed quickly. However, thanks to the good people around me, I was not swept away by strong winds.”

Regarding his future as an actor, he said, “I expect the characters I can take on will become more diverse. I admire seniors who continue to work steadily over time. I want to continue this job in a solid state.” 

More photos and interviews of Park Jin Young can be found in the August issue of Arena Homme Plus.

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