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“Running Man” featuring BTS V and Yoo Seung-ho unveils preview “V with bald makeup”

The preview for the upcoming episode of “Running Man” featuring BTS V and actor Yoo Seung-ho has been released

At the end of the Nov 26th broadcast of SBS’s “Running Man“, the preview for the next episode was revealed, with V and Yoo Seung-ho appearing as guests.

The recording for the two took place on Nov 20th. V, who made a solo appearance on “Running Man” in September, returned after 2 months, while Yoo Seung-ho, who appeared with the cast of the drama “The Deal” in October, made a reappearance after a month.

When V made a solo appearance on “Running Man”, he impressed everyone, and the members requested, “Appear one more time.” V, who revealed that he is a fan of “Running Man”, responded, “It feels like I’ve achieved one thing on my bucket list. I had so much fun, and I really want to come again next time.

Later, when Yoo Seung-ho appeared on “Running Man”, Haha suggested, “Seung-ho is adapting incredibly quickly. Let’s invite Seung-ho and V for a special episode.” After watching this broadcast, V sent a message to Haha, saying, “I’ll be there soon.”

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V previously expressed his sincere desire to reappear on “Running Man”, mentioning during his fan meeting that he wants to go on the show again.

With expectations rising on whether the meeting between V and Yoo Seung-ho on “Running Man” will be successful, the actual recording with the two guests took place on Nov 20th.

In the released preview, Haha introduced “I called 2 players” then V and Yoo Seung-ho appeared. From their entrance, V and Yoo Seung-ho caught the eye with their dazzling visuals.

V and Yoo Seung-ho passionately participated in games, surprising the members with their dedication and tricks. They even did not hesitate to put on wigs and makeup. In particular, V’s bald makeup look was caught on camera, raising expectations for the upcoming episode.

The episode with V and Yoo Seung-ho is scheduled to air at 6:15 PM on Dec 3rd.

Source: Naver

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