Rumored to be the actor who was attacked by her husband, Choi Ji Woo implicitly denied

Many people assume Choi Ji Woo and her husband are the same age as the actress and her husband in the case.

On June 14, the media reported that an actress in her 40s was attacked with a knife in front of her house in Itaewon, Yongsan District, Seoul, by her husband, who was in his 30s. The actress was brought to the hospital, and her husband was jailed on attempted murder charges. According to the initial investigation, the police concluded that the actress’ husband had prepared the weapon and was waiting in front of the house to commit the crime. She and her husband are said to have recently separated.

Many netizens have tried to figure out who the actress is, and some believe she is Choi Ji Woo. The reason for this is that she is 47 years old this year, and her spouse is 39, which matches with case facts. Choi Ji Woo, on the other hand, impliedly disputed the rumors by sharing a photo to thank a brand on SNS. However, the actress’s management company, YG Entertainment, has yet to respond, leaving fans even more dubious.

Choi Ji Woo
Choi Ji Woo is suspected of being the actress in the incident…
Choi Ji Woo
… because her husband is in his 30s
Choi Ji Woo
However, the actress implicitly denied it on her SNS

In addition, some other female stars are also suspected of being the actress who was stabbed by her husband, including Jang Yoon Ju, Choi Ji Yeon, and Chae Young In. On SNS, Choi Ji Yeon’s husband posted photos of the two havings a fun time together to deny the rumors.

According to former entertainment reporter Lee Jin Ho, the actress involved in the event is quite famous, but not so well-known that she can be recognized just by her name. Furthermore, the perpetrator of the crime is the actress’s second husband. She secretly remarried without making it public; hence no information about this person’s husband is available in the media. Currently, the identity of the actress in the incident remains a mystery.

Source: K14

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