Rosé serves mysterious visuals with silver hair and lip piercings in BLACKPINK’s first comeback in 2 years 

Rosé stuns in her latest teaser for BLACKPINK’s comeback. 

On August 13th, on BLACKPINK’s official YouTube channel, individual teaser videos for each member for BLACKPINK’s pre-release single “Pink Venom” from the long-awaited 2nd full album “Born Pink” were released.

While all four members showed off their individuality and made fans’ hearts flutter, Rosé’s individual teaser video especially drew attention and became the talk of the town. 

In the video, Rosé made a transformation from blonde hair she had maintained for a long time to silver hair with black highlights, exuding a mysterious aura.

Rosé’s sparkly piercings, which complemented her shiny silver hair, also stood out. Wearing piercings on her lower and upper lip, Rosé boasted a fierce image, unlike her usual innocent charm. 

In addition, Rosé’s deep eyes were emphasized with a thick smokey makeup with black glitters applied around the eye area. Her braided hair and beret are icing on the cake, giving off retro vibes. Rosé is said to fit such a dreamy and mysterious concept perfectly. 

BLACKPINK will drop the pre-release single “Pink Venom” on August 19th before their 2nd full album “Born Pink” comes out on September 16th. After the album release, BLACKPINK will go on a world tour with an estimated 1.5 million attendees starting from October.

Source: insight

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