Rolling Stone Declares ‘Moving’ as the Pinnacle of Present-Day Superhero Genre

‘Moving’ is the current top-tier superhero series

Rolling Stone published an article with this title on the 22nd (local time), stating, “‘Moving,’ a Korean drama that revolves around powerful teenagers and their strong-willed parents, has become the most-watched K-drama on Disney+ and Hulu. It has garnered more viewers than series from South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.” The media outlet emphasized that ‘Moving’ surpassed series from ‘Star Wars’ and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), making it the most-watched series by streamers.

moving rolling stone

The media outlet also highlighted that ‘Moving’ was produced efficiently when compared to foreign productions. With a total production budget of approximately $45 million, equivalent to 60 billion KRW, it ranks as one of the most expensive dramas in South Korea. However, in comparison to American dramas, it falls on the more affordable side. Rolling Stone noted, “While $45 million is a substantial budget for South Korean content, series like MCU on Disney+ cost approximately $25 million per episode, and ‘The Mandalorian’ costs around $15 million per episode.”

Rolling Stone attributed the success of ‘Moving’ beyond its production budget to the strength of its storytelling. The media outlet explained, “Bong-seok in ‘Moving’ chooses a quiet life without any violence, and his mother wishes for him to use his flying abilities to keep the people he cares about safe.” It emphasized that when approaching ‘Moving,’ they understood that it needed to be different from the American superhero approach, focusing on the emotional family story, as intended by director Park In-je.

Source: naver

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