Role models for aspiring idol-actors: Lee Jun-ho and Yoon Kye-sang

Many idol group members have successfully transitioned into acting. Among them, 2PM's Lee Jun-ho and g.o.d's Yoon Kye-sang are considered role models for aspiring idol-actors

Initially, idol-to-actor transitions were met with some skepticism and viewed as a way to extend an entertainer’s career, but this perception has diminished over time. To succeed as an actor, sincerity and genuine talent are essential. Idol-actors must deliver performances that make viewers deeply immersed in their characters, meeting the high standards of acting.

Lee Jun-ho

Lee Jun-ho and Yoon Kye-sang have fulfilled these criteria. Lee Jun-ho, known as an artist with both skill and dedication, successfully transitioned from 2PM to acting. He impressed with his performance in the film “Twenty” and further developed his acting prowess through roles in “Good Manager” and “Confession”. His breakout role came in “The Red Sleeve”, engaging viewers across generations.

Yoon Kye-sang, on the other hand, initially did not stand out as an actor during his debut in the film “Flying Boys” in 2004. However, he has the ability to adapt to various roles, making him a versatile actor.

In his recent drama “The Kidnapping Day”, Yoon Kye-sang portrayed Kim Myung-joon, a character that was far from easy. To make it work, he had to build chemistry with 13-year-old rookie actress Yu-na, who played the kidnapped child Choi Ro-hee.

Through his performance, Yoon Kye-sang managed to maintain the essence of a comedic buddy thriller, winning viewers’ support. He skillfully navigated the complexities of the character Kim Myung-joon, stabilizing the work’s popularity. As g.o.d’s concert approaches, Yoon Kye-sang is focusing on rehearsals while demonstrating his dedication and commitment to acting.

Source: Daum

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