RIIZE Stirs Controversy by Commenting on TikTok Video Mimicking BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Rookie boy group RIIZE frequently leaves comments on TikTok videos about the group or those where they are tagged. Most of the comments are believed to be written by youngest member Anton, who is fluent in English and the most active on TikTok.

In a recent incident, RIIZE’s official TikTok account commented under a video mimicking BLACKPINK’s Rosé, particularly her distinctive vocal colors and tone.

rose blackpink

TikToker @moh.ans has posted multiple videos mimicking Rosé’s voice when singing. His latest video “If Rosé sung RIIZE songs” has been gaining attention.  

RIIZE’s TikTok account playfully commented under the video, “Oh thank you sunbaenim.”

This sparked mixed reactions, with some fans saying that the video was clearly mocking Rosé and that as an idol and especially BLACKPINK’s junior, RIIZE should not have engaged with such content.

On the flip side, many fans of RIIZE argue that the video was harmless. The TikToker’s impersonation was meant to be fun and did not carry any malicious intent. Similar content of fans mimicking idols’ voices are already common. So, RIIZE leaving a comment didn’t mean they were being disrespectful towards Rosé. 

Source: KB

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