“The Glory” Park Ji Ah saw a student cosplaying Dong Eun’s mother for graduation photo, “She looks just like me”

Actress Park Ji Ah showed her gratitude for the attention and love she received after starring in Netflix’s “The Glory”.

Park Ji Ah, who appeared in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”, had an interview at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul on March 28th.

“The Glory” depicts the revenge of school violence victim Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) against the perpetrators after becoming an adult. Part 1 was introduced in December last year, while Part 2 has just been released earlier on the 10th. It’s been less than a month, but the drama is still captivating many viewers around the world and maintaining its No.1 position on Netflix’s TV Series chart.

Park Ji-Ah

In the series, Park Ji Ah played Moon Dong Eun’s mother Jung Mi Hee, who is an alcohol addict. Despite knowing that Dong Eun is bullied at school, she ruins the life of her only daughter by abandoning her to receive 20 million won in return, becoming the first perpetrator. Park Ji Ah had little screen time in Part 1 but impressed everyone with her new appearance and creepy acting in Part 2.

Regarding the biggest change after the success of “The Glory”, the actress said, “The fact that I’m doing an interview and that many people recognize me”. She smiled and continued, “Even when I was walking down the street, a couple recognized me. Some people in the mart stopped me and said, ‘I enjoyed watching the drama’. They turned me around so boldly that I thought they were my college juniors.”

Park Ji Ah, who is carrying out activities on her own after her contract with her former agency ended, shared, “Some companies contacted me, but I will just do things alone first”, adding “I want to take it slowly. I have no reason to rush, and this is the happy moment to enjoy a little bit of glory on my way. I will slowly find a friend to go with me on the road ahead.”

the glory

The actress said she recently realized the popularity of “The Glory” when a parody of her character, Dong Eun’s mom, appeared in graduation photos, which often feature students cosplaying hot figures of the year, of Uijeongbu High School. That student’s orange bleached hair, black garbage bag, leather pants, and belt, as well as her facial expression, caused a stir online. 

Park Ji Ah said, “I saw the Uijeongbu High School graduation photo because my friend sent it to me”, adding “The student’s expression and pose were similar to mine. Actually, when I see something like that, I think, ‘Oh, I’m getting attention.'”


In that scene, Jung Mi Hee visits Dong Eun’s school to meet her daughter for the first time after 18 years and behaves crazily. She spreads her arms wide and smiles brightly at her daughter. According to Park Ji Ah, she did the gesture of spreading her arms to show affection, like saying “I love you so much and I missed you. Come and hug me”, and that was her own idea, which was not in the script.

She added, “The graduation photo of Uijeongbu High School is indeed a legend, and I’m very grateful to see them express my character that way.”

Source: Daum

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