RIIZE Announces New Singles for November-December and Plans for 2024 Album Release

RIIZE is expected to carry out more activities throughout the second half of the year since their debut.

RIIZE held their debut showcase at the Blue Square MasterCard Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on September 4th. The event was hosted by Super Junior’s Leeteuk.

RIIZE is a rookie group launched by SM, three years after aespa, and the first boy group in seven years since NCT.


As SM promised a new leap under “SM 3.0” after the departure of its founder, Lee Soo Man, Kim Hyung Kook and Lee Sang Min, the directors of SM’s Wizard Production that produced RIIZE, introduced the group.

First, Director Kim Hyung Kook introduced “Wizard Production” by saying, “Currently, SM has five multi-productions, and within the productions, specialized personnel dedicated to artists carry out their work based on creative autonomy and independent decision-making. It is the production responsible for Super Junior, EXO, and today’s main character, RIIZE.”

Director Lee Sang Min explained the group’s name, “The name was born by adding ‘RIIZE (RISE),’ which means growth, and ‘REALIZE,’ which means realization. It carries the meaning of a group that grows together and realizes dreams.” He added, “It’s a name I personally came up with, so it’s an honor to introduce it.”

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The core of RIIZE lies in “growth,” just like their name. Director Kim explained, “SM has always presented groups with distinctive colors, leading a new era of K-pop each time. We had the same goal during the planning of RIIZE, and the conclusion reached after intense discussions was that the basis of RIIZE’s differentiation was, of course, music.” He went on to say, “The keyword of SM’s sincere intention to deliver good ‘music’ and RIIZE’s core, ‘growth,’ met.”

He emphasized, “We thought of putting the various experiences and emotions that the seven members go through as they grow into the music. This is the beginning of RIIZE’s unique genre, ‘Emotional Pop.'”

Regarding RIIZE’s future activities, it was announced, “Following the release of their debut album ‘Get a Guitar’ today, they will sequentially release two new singles in November and December of this year. The songs are already prepared.”

Furthermore, it was mentioned, “RIIZE will actively expand overseas to connect with global fans, and they have signed a label contract with RCA Records, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, which is home to artists like Doja Cat, Justin Timberlake, and Pink.”

Director Kim stated, “Signing a label contract before the official debut is very unusual, so through the label contract with RCA, RIIZE will be able to further grow in the global market.”

He also added, “Furthermore, we are planning to release RIIZE’s new album in the first quarter of 2024, and we are preparing various promotions, performances, and events worldwide at that time.”

RIIZE’s first single album, “Get a Guitar,” will be released at 6 p.m. KST today.

Source: daum.

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