(G)I-DLE Miyeon shared, “The members helped me select songs for the album and complimented me, saying I looked pretty”

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon talked about how the members reacted to her solo album.

An offline press conference to celebrate the releaser of Miyeon’s first solo mini-album “MY” was held at a cafe in Mapo-gu, Seoul on April 27th.


At the event, Miyeon mentioned the members’ reactions. She explained, “The members helped me a lot from the stage of selecting songs for my album. They also gave me comments. I feel so grateful that they always compliment me, saying I looked pretty. The members liked the title song so much that they often sang along to it”.

“MY” is an expression that encompasses two meanings, one is “MY”, the acronym of Miyeon’s name, and the other is “me”. This is an album filled with Miyeon’s color herself. Miyeon, who has proved her powerful and charismatic voice through (G)I-DLE’s performances, will clearly show off the unique color of her vocal through this solo album.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon

Apart from the title song “Drive”, other tracks with different genres will let you hear Miyeon’s cool and refreshing voice tone that she has never shown before. Miyeon has expanded her musical spectrum as a solo singer by trying various genres with the b-side tracks, such as “Rose” – a rhythmical song with a spring vibe, “Softly” – a mix of R&B and punk genre song that contains lovely and sweet emotions, “TE AMO”, which shows the charms of Miyeon’s powerful and soft vocals, “Charging”, which sounds like an ordinary ballad but has an impressive experimental rhythm sound, and “Shower” – a ballad song with beautiful guitar sounds and sentimental melody. 

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