Revealing Red Velvet Wendy’s family background, which wowed netizens!

Wendy maintains a humble lifestyle despite her wealth. During the outbreak, she even donated money to help poor areas.

Wendy is well-known for her great education and pleasant attitude as one of Red Velvet‘s most attractive and skilled members. Despite coming from a wealthy background, the female idol is always humble, simple, and friendly, which helps Wendy receive much love from the public and fans.

Wendy‘s real name is Son Seung Wan, born in 1994. She was born in Seongbuk-dong, an area that was once owned by royal families during the Joseon Dynasty.  At the moment, this is an expensive area; the rent is up to $10,000/house.  It is known that Seongbuk-dong is also one of the filming locations for “Parasite” – the famous Oscar-winning film.

Revealing Red Velvet Wendy’s family background, which wowed netizens!

Wendy used to come to Canada to study.  The female idol studied at Shattuck-St.  Mary’s School, a boarding school in Minnesota.  According to the school’s official website, the annual tuition fee is up to $55,000.  The female idol has been recognized as a good student who had achieved many excellent achievements in her studies.  The school website also states that Wendy had received an award from former US President Barack Obama for her outstanding achievement and community leadership.

Revealing Red Velvet Wendy’s family background, which wowed netizens!

Following Joy‘s joke in an interview, there are many suspicions that Wendy owns her own property in Canada. Wendy‘s mansion in Canada has 50 rooms, according to Joy, and she always treats her friends with care when they visit.

Wendy, on the other hand, cut Joy off immediately and assumed she was joking. However, the fact that Wendy herself did not know exactly how many rooms her house had made many netizens think that her house must be like a castle.

Another time, netizens were surprised when they discovered a small detail that points to Wendy‘s wealth. She posted a picture of a Christmas dinner table with her family with many delicious dishes, including fruit salad, roasted meat, mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and wine. Fans pay special attention to the set of tableware that Wendy‘s family used.

According to a fan, this tableware set comes from a ceramic manufacturer called Lomonosov Porcelain Factory. This brand is famous for its regal and expensive plates, bowls, and teacups. Notably, a full dinnerware set of this range costs $1,470. Even when sold individually, they can be worth around $100 each.

Despite having a wealthy background, Wendy always lives modestly and spends money on good purposes. After being discharged from the hospital due to a serious stage accident, the first thing she did was to donate 100 million won to the city of Daegu, which was the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak. Wendy‘s act received many compliments from the public and made fans extremely proud.

Currently, Wendy is one of the most talented female idols who have a great influence in the K-pop entertainment industry. Although she was born into a rich family and owns a huge fortune, she has never bragged about her affluence. Thanks to her kind personality, modest and friendly lifestyle, the female idol has received many praises from the public and gained a large number of fans

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