BLACKPINK Jisoo refuses a fan who wants to be her other boyfriend “She has Ahn Bo Hyun already”

BLACKPINK Jisoo turned down “other boyfriend”.

On August 3rd, Jisoo admitted to dating rumors with actor Ahn Bo Hyun. They are said to have been dating since May. The agency YG Entertainment said, “Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun are getting to know each other with good feelings. We would appreciate it if you could observe the two of them warmly.”


BLACKPINK is conducting their world tour “2023 Born Pink Tour”. While performing in New Jersey, USA on August 17th (local time), BLACKPINK Jisoo gave a firm answer to a fan’s cute question asking if he could be her other boyfriend.

One fan caught Jisoo’s attention by holding a sign asking Jisoo if he could be her other boyfriend.


I asked “Jisoo, can I be your other boyfriend”. Here’s her answer #blackpink bornpinkencore #bornpink #merlifestadium #jisooblackpink #jisooblackpink #fyp

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As soon as Jisoo read the fan’s sign, she smiled and made an “X” with her hands. After conveying her refusal, Jisoo smiled and left.

The male fan released a video containing his sign and Jisoo’s reaction through SNS. The video has been well received by fans, with more than 500,000 views right after its release. Netizens praised Jisoo’s wit, “It’s the cutest rejection.”

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Meanwhile, Jisoo is loved all over the world as a member of BLACKPINK. She received great love through the title song “Flower” of her solo album “ME” released last March.

Currently, BLACKPINK is conducting their world tour “2023 Born Pink Tour” and announced an encore concert in Seoul in September. As such, Seoul will mark the end of the tour, which attracted the largest number of audiences in the history of K-pop girl groups.

BLACKPINK celebrated their 7th debut anniversary on August 8th. Attention is focused on whether BLACKPINK, which is about to renew their contract, will once again join hands with YG Entertainment.

Source: Nate

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