Reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, “BLACKPINK Lisa’s Contract Can Be Worth 100 Billion Won”

The huge price for Lisa’s contract has been speculated by Lee Jin-ho

On October 7th, on the YouTube channel ‘Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho’, a video titled ‘Why BLACKPINK is drifting away as a whole’ was posted.

BLACKPINK celebrated its 7th anniversary this year and is currently discussing renewing its contract with YG Entertainment. Meanwhile, rumors of Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa leaving YG arose. However, YG Entertainment said, “There is no confirmation and we are in discussions.”


Lee Jin-ho, an entertainment reporter-turned-YouTuber, revealed, “BLACKPINK’s renewal is emerging as a hot topic in the entertainment industry,” adding, “From YG’s point of view, while acknowledging individual contracts between the members and other agencies, they seem to be all-in on BLACKPINK’s full-fledged activities. And the relationship between the members is not the same as before. There are even members who don’t talk about personal things at all other than work. It seems that contract renewal between the members and YG have become difficult.”

Referring to Lisa’s appearance on Crazy Horse, a famous cabaret show in Paris, France, and disclosing it on her personal social media account, Lee Jin-ho said, “Lisa is making a wild move. In Korea, the image of an idol is very important. So it would have been difficult for Lisa to appear on such a show if she has re-signed with YG,” he explained.

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Regarding the rumor that Lisa was offered around 50 billion won by a Thai company, Lee Jin-ho said, “It is true that Korean members Ji-soo, Jennie, and Rosé are receiving more attention in Korea. However, Lisa played a significant role in BLACKPINK’s worldwide success, he said. As a result, Lisa’s contract value exceeded 50 billion won and reached 100 billion won. Even if K-pop is gaining popularity worldwide, it is difficult to bet around 100-200 billion won on one member. In this situation, there are few attractive cards that YG can offer to Lisa.”


However, the members have deep thoughts about BLACKPINK as a whole. Lee Jin-ho said, “Even if individual contracts are done individually, they can do activities all over the world through the complete group activities of BLACKPINK. Since BLACKPINK’s IP is in YG’s hand, the members also clearly have a desire for overseas performances,” he said.

Regarding the prospect of BLACKPINK activities as a whole, he said, “It’s not that the members didn’t think about their activities as a whole, but they put a lot of emphasis on individual activities rather than their group activities.” “Until this year, we can expect to see BLACKPINK as a whole. However, it is unlikely to see them as a group for several years from next year when individual contracts begin in earnest,” the YouTuber commented.

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