Choa Recalled Reason She Left AOA, “I Felt Empty After Winning No. 1+ No Dispute With The Members”

Choa recently revealed why she left AOA

In the first episode of the new variety show “Playing Sister,” which aired on November 28th, the cast members met each other for the first time.

Choa drove a car to pick up the members one by one. On the car, Choa recalled her debut at the age of 21, saying, “I was a trainee in high school, but the company was closed, so I went to college and worked at the same time. I was also the best-selling sales person of IPTV. I earned 5 million won a month and later became a trainee. I told my parents the news when I got my contract signed.”

Choa withdrew from AOA after five years of activities. Regarding this, she shared, “I debuted late, so I had to succeed, but there was no limit to being successful. We won first place for the second time, but it was futile. I think I gave up on myself because it was difficult for the same person to keep showing a new look and I was always judged negatively. At that time, if I couldn’t change the system, I should go. I thought I needed some courage to be happy for myself, so I left.”

“But I’ve never had a fight with the members,” Choa added, “We never fought. I don’t think we even complained in daily conversations.”

Source: nate

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