Red Velvet Yeri and Sam Kim to collaborate in a fresh and sweet lovesong 

Yeri from Red Velvet and singer Sam Kim will release a duet song

At 6PM (KST) on August 25th, Red Velvet member Yeri and Sam Kim will release their new song “Nap Fairy” on major music sites. The song is a collaboration through the SM Entertainment project “SM Station”.

It is reported that “Nap Fairy” is a country track with a melody reminiscent of a fresh summer night. The song will also include impressive guitar riffs and the beautiful vocal harmony of Yeri and Sam Kim.


In addition, the lyrics of “Nap Fairy” express the preparation for a love confession. It’s a sweet love song that resembles a pleasant dream one would get while taking a nap. 

Previously, Yeri has shown her pure and lyrical tone via her self-composed song “Dear Diary” and K-drama OSTs. Meanwhile, Sam Kim is a singer-songwriter who is gaining popularity for his sweet vocals and outstanding guitar skills.

Source: dispatch

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