FIFTY FIFTY’s agency took care of Keena’s birthday amid dispute

FIFTY FIFTY’s agency took care of a member’s birthday amid the dispute.

On July 9th, a photo was posted on FIFTY FIFTY’s official Instagram account with the caption “2023.07.09. HAPPY KEENA DAY“.


The photo contains content celebrating FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s birthday (July 9th).

The agency Attrakt is drawing attention by leaving a message congratulating Keena on her birthday while the trial is underway due to FIFTY FIFTY’s application for injunction to suspend the validity of exclusive contracts.

Recently, the first trial was held at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-gu, Seoul regarding the application for injunction to suspend the validity of exclusive contracts filed by FIFTY FIFTY against their agency Attrakt.


FIFTY FIFTY claimed that they could no longer continue exclusive contracts due to violation of the obligation to provide settlement data transparently and faithfully, violation of the members’ physical and mental health care obligations and lack of support for entertainment activities.

On the other hand, Attrakt refuted, “The members raise doubts about Attrakt’s ability, but we have invested approximately 8 billion won. We poured all of Attrakt’s assets and even borrowed funds from the CEO’s mother. It is excessive to make claims based on speculations that ignore the fact that we invested a significant amount of money, around 8 billion won, and to say that we have no ability.”

Source: Nate

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