Red Velvet “accidentally” spoils everything about the comeback, but why is the choreography so similar to TWICE and ITZY?

It has been more than a year and eight months since the comeback with the super hit Psycho, it seems that fans are eagerly waiting for Red Velvet’s comeback this August.

After an eventful year with the stage accident of main vocalist Wendy and the scandal of group leader Irene, the news that Red Velvet has planned a comeback in August of this year with a full lineup has fans looking forward to it. Therefore, every “move” of Red Velvet members is always in the “sight” of the Reveluvs (Red Velvet’s fan community). Therefore, from the title song title, album, comeback choreography, and even hair color of the members, fans have been enthusiastically watching.

Full album

On June 30, after receiving the news that Red Velvet will come back in August, a fan has texted Yeri and asked, “If it’s a full album, please put the emoji ‘stupid smile’. If it’s a mini-album, please use the ‘sunglasses smile’ emoji!”. Without hesitation, the maknae replied quickly with the emoji “stupid smile”, implying that it will be a full album for fans. This has made Reveluvs really excited because the music quality of Red Velvet is always at the “top of the top”. So, there’s nothing better than having a full album to listen to, right?

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Name of the song

During a Vlog in June, when opening a music file to practice singing, Joy accidentally revealed the names of two Red Velvet demo music files. Unfortunately, fans were quickly able to see the names of the two files which are [RV] Demo_G…ad… and [RV] Demo_NI…RE (many fans think it’s likely the title of the song is Nightmare).

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Even if “Nightmare” is not the title track, fans still suspect that this album might have a mysterious concept similar to Red Velvet’s Peek-A-Boo or RBB (Really Bad Boy).


When participating in the program SBS Youngest Radio on July 16, maknae Yeri said, “I will spoil a little about the next comeback”. Immediately, Wendy replied, “Don’t spoil the song. Spoil the choreography”. And then, the two performed the mysterious knocking choreography.

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Yeri and Wendy happily spoil the door knock choreography for the upcoming song

This choreography reminds many people of the hit Knock Knock hit by TWICE in 2017.

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Not stopping there, on the show, the main dancer of Red Velvet spoiled the highlight choreography of the comeback song. Specifically, when asked by a fan, “Please. Please give us a spoiler about Red Velvet’s return”, Seulgi said, “Didn’t Yeri spoil it?” then Seulgi made a crown symbol to spoil this comeback.

This crown symbol once again easily reminds fans of the choreography from another girl group from JYP, ITZY. It can be seen that, from the debut with Dalla Dalla to the last comeback with Mafia In The Morning, ITZY did not forget to put their hands on their heads to simulate the powerful crown symbol.

lia itzy 2938
Since debut, the gesture of raising hands to create a crown has been a “brand” of ITZY

The members’ hair color

The hair color of the members is also what makes fans curious, because more or less, the hair color will show the concept of the upcoming comeback. With Red Velvet, in recent appearances, fans have noticed a change in hair color of 4/5 members.

Specifically, Seulgi appeared in the program with orange hair highlights; Wendy appeared with long black hair on SBS Youngest Radio; Joy and Yeri revealed their hair color on Instagram posts, Joy with black hair and Yeri with brown hair.

Knet showed their excitement when they spotted the comeback hints of the 5 SM girls:

  • Yeah! I’ve been waiting forever and I’m not even a fan of the group.
  • Fans of SM groups are dying slowly.
  • Since it’s the end of summer, I guess it’s the Velvet concept? If it was Red, I feel like it would have been completely spoiled.
  • A new full album by Red Velvet. Even those who are not fans know that it is Red Velvet that will make a series of hits.
  • I am so happy that this day has finally come.
  • I’m going crazy waiting for the group’s quality full album.

According to fans, Red Velvet has already completed all the recordings for their upcoming new album, so it’s only a matter of time before the group starts dropping their teasers!

Source: K14

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