Recent situation of “The Outlaws” actress who underwent liver transplant 2 years ago

Actress Yoon Joo shared her recent situation.

She celebrated the 2nd anniversary of her liver transplant.

On July 24th, Yoon Joo wrote, “It’s already been 2 years since I received a new life as a gift. It seems like just yesterday that I lit the first candle for the first anniversary, but it’s already the 2nd one. It seems to remind me that I’m living. It was a year full of ups and downs. But it was a time when I could focus entirely on my body. Thank you.”

She added, “I light the second candle for that person and for the future. I won’t forget. I’ll become a shining person.”

yoon joo

In 2019, Yoon Joo announced that she was suffering from acute liver failure. Yoon Joo was unable to receive liver transplantation from living donor at that time. However, in July 2021, after 2 years of fighting against illness, a donor appeared and she underwent a liver transplant.

On July 24th last year, Yoon Joo expressed her gratitude, “Exactly one year ago. I was given a new life again. Somewhere deep in my heart, I shed tears with a grateful heart for that person. And I made a promise. I’ll cherish it, take good care of it and live happily. I said I’d definitely repay that person by doing that…

Yoon Joo appeared in the movies “Bad Blood”, “Wonderful Nightmare”, “The Outlaws”, “A Break Alone” and dramas “Kill Me, Heal Me”, “Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight”.

Source: Wikitree

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