Although both are big companies, fans can still tell the difference between SM and YG by looking at the dancers

When it comes to taking care of their artists’ performances down to the small details, compared to YG, SM seems to be more deserving of the title of “mid-sized company”!

SM and YG are famous as two major entertainment agencies in the Kpop entertainment industry. However, recently fans often call this duo “mid-range companies” because SM and YG have been demoted from top-level blue-chip companies to regular mid-sized businesses in the Korean market due to losses and substandard performance in recent years. However, based on the most recent performances of each company’s artists, viewers still have to give more praise to YG because their idols’ stages don’t look mid-level at all.

Having comebacks in July and August, 2 SNSD members Taeyeon and Hyoyeon respectively released the songs Weekend and Second. Besides their official MVs, fans also looked forward to the promotion stages to fully enjoy the songs’ choreography. However, when Taeyeon and Hyoyeon appeared on music show stages, viewers’ attention was drawn to the masks of the backup dancers.

Taeyeon’s Weekend stage with a sweet high-teen concept 

There are many different styles of masks from cute to classy to match the performances’ concepts, yet SM still made the dancers wear the most basic blue, pink, and gray medical masks. As expected of the company that recently got downgraded to “mid-size” level. Although they did try to match the concept by using masks of the same color as the idols’ outfits and stage theme, the overly plain-looking masks still made fans feel bothered by the fact that the company was not paying enough attention to the artists’ performances.

YG idols also go on stages to perform during the pandemic situation, but contrary to SM’s artists, the backup dancers of BLACKPINK Lisa had totally eye-catching masks. Lisa’s stages look “expensive” and are well-prepared from the lighting to small details like the dancers’ masks.

blackpink lisa lalisa stage 21092021
The masks make the stage look more cool
Lisa’s LALISA debut stage at Inkigayo (September 19, 2021)

The sparkling black masks not only suit the concept of the song “LALISA” but also go well with the outfits, making the stage look more professional and classy. Fans can see YG’s effort through Lisa’s performance.

blackpink lisa lalisa stage 1 21092021
The eye-catching masks of YG dancers
Lisa’s LALISA stage

Of course, wearing a mask in the current complicated pandemic situation should be encouraged in the effort to prevent the effects of the disease. However, netizens think that SM should pay more attention to their dancers and artists, even down to the small details like these.

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