Reasons fans cheer for BTS Jungkook after he confessed his heart on a drunk live broadcast

BTS member Jungkook received huge support from fans with his cool confession.

On July 22nd, Jungkook hosted a live broadcast and communicated with fans. He shared, “I’m drunk. I’m going to say this since I’m drunk. Even if I weren’t drunk, I would have said the same thing”.

He continued, “There might be articles like ‘Jungkook drinks and does a live broadcast’. Those people… Don’t they drink? Don’t they also talk about this and that after getting drunk? Then what do they want me to do? Just let them say whatever they want”, adding “I want to take care of people who like me and who say good things to me. I want to take care of them better than anyone else.”

In the meantime, Jungkook did not forget to explain his solo single “Seven”.

bts jungkook

He shared, “I want to try new things, introduce more fun, and gain recognition. I used to be scared of trying new things and didn’t really want to do anything. Thanks to you all, I gained a lot of courage. Now I don’t want my weakness to show in front of everyone anymore. I want to gain confidence and develop myself.”

Earlier, Jungkook released his first solo single “Seven” on July 14th. Right after its release, “Seven” not only topped domestic music sites but also made No.1 debut on Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform. The song also performed well on global charts, such as the Oricon chart in Japan and the UK Official Single chart.

bts jungkook

The music video for “Seven”, starring actress Han So Hee, also rose to the Youtube top trending chart in numerous regions and countries shortly after its premiere.

Jungkook is on a roll. Apart from being a BTS member, he is now recognized for his outstanding musicality as a solo artist.

bts jungkook

This is why fans poured explosive support for Jungkook’s confession even when he was drunk on the live broadcast. 

Source: Daum

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