This actor actually falls in love with his co-star during the filming of their drama

Actor Sung-hoon worked with actress Im Soo-hyang in the drama “New Tales of Gisaeng.”

Actor Sung-hoon once confessed on SBS’ entertainment program “Strong Heart” that Im Soo-hyang was actually his ideal type during his time filming for the drama, “New Tales of Gisaeng”!


Sung-hoon confessed, “If both of us appear on ‘Strong Heart’ while we were still filming for that drama, and the seat arrangement are exactly like now, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to control my facial expression.” That was how much he liked Im Soo-hyang then. Hee-chul, who was sitting between Sung-hoon and Im Soo-hyang then, made everyone laugh by joking, “I’m not feeling very well right now.”


He continued, “Rather than being attracted to Soohyang, I think I was confused. I didn’t know if Soo-hyang was Sa-ran (Soo-hyang’s role) or Sa-ran was Soo-hyang,” he said, confessing that he might have been too immersed in his role that he couldn’t differentiate Dan Sa-ran and Im Soo-hyang.


“I think I just really loved her as a whole,” Sung-hoon said. Both actors also revealed that during the shoot, there was even a rumor circling that they were dating. Their seniors also joined in to ship them, telling them to date each other already.

During the shoot, Sung-hoon seriously thought about asking Im Soo-hyang out. But as soon as the drama ended, he said his emotions disappeared, making Im Soo-hyang upset for some reason.

The rookie actors Soo-hyang and Sung-hoon both went through all phases of “Dating-Wedding-Baby” together in their debut drama. And now, 11 years after, they reunite on SBS’ new Monday and Tuesday drama “Woori The Virgin.”

Source: content.v.daum.net

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