Yuqi’s Solo Debut in April: (G)I-DLE Continues to Ride High with a Reverse Climb to the Top

(G)I-DLE's Chinese member, Yuqi, continues her momentum with solo activities

According to the results of an investigation by Edaily on the 22nd, Yuqi plans to release a solo song in mid-April and engage in music show promotions. It has been reported that she is already preparing for her solo activities, having prepared her solo song in advance. The likely debut timing is around late April.

Yuqi made her debut in the entertainment industry as a member of (G)I-DLE under Cube Entertainment in May 2018. She has been active on various stages with (G)I-DLE, performing diverse songs such as “LATATA,” “HANN,” “Oh my god,” “HWAA,” “TOMBOY,” “Nxde,” and “Super Lady.”

Yuqi has consistently participated in (G)I-DLE’s album productions, showcasing her songwriting and composing skills, and has occasionally released solo songs. This will mark her first official solo activities in Korea, drawing attention from fans.

Amid (G)I-DLE’s dominance on music charts, Yuqi’s solo debut is expected to attract even more spotlight. (G)I-DLE recently achieved a “reverse climb” on music charts with the title track “Fate” from their second full-length album. The song climbed to the top of major charts such as Melon and Genie, surpassing the popular song “BamYangGang” by Bibi.

In this situation, Yuqi’s debut is anticipated to further boost the team’s momentum and firmly establish her own musical color to the public’s attention.

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