Ra Mi Ran “During unknown days, I’m the only one who wasn’t given a blanket after filming exposure scene”

Actress Ra Mi Ran confessed the sadness she experienced when she was unknown.

On August 15th, episode 2 of “Salon Drip 2” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “TEO”. In the video, Ra Mi Ran and Uhm Ji Won appeared as guests.

MC Jang Do Yeon asked, “Do you remember the role you played when you debuted?” Ra Mi Ran said she played Oh Su Hee in director Park Chan Wook’s “Lady Vengeance”.

To the question “Have you ever been sad on set?“, Ra Mi Ran replied “Of course I have” and recalled the first shoot of “Lady Vengeance”.

She shared, “It was my first movie and I didn’t know anyone. The first scene was the bathhouse scene. I filmed while getting undressed. When the director yelled ‘cut’, the staff (production team) covered others with blankets. No one came to me.”

She continued, “I couldn’t get up and stayed still in the water. Then the head of the makeup team quickly said, ‘Give her a blanket.’ I was so sad that I just cried. The next scene happened to be a scene in which my character looks back at Geum Ja (Lee Young Ae) while crying. I was filled with sorrow.”

Ra Mi Ran added, “Actually, I was grateful that such a situation was set up. Director Park Chan Wook also gave me good advice.”

Source: Nate

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