“Queen of Tears” Secretary Na (Yoon Bo-mi)’s husband is really “this person”?

While tvN's Saturday-Sunday drama "Queen of Tears" is gaining syndrome-like popularity, an interesting headcanon is spreading and attracting attention

Headcanon refers to the act of claiming one’s own thoughts as if they were officially verified facts.

Recently, on several YouTube channels and online communities, a headcanon post speculating that “In ‘Queen of Tears‘, it seems like Secretary Na’s husband is lawyer Kim Yang-ki, who is a friend of Baek Hyun-woo” caught people’s attention.

yoon bo mi

In the drama, Secretary Na (played by Yoon Bo-mi) and Kim Yang-ki (played by Moon Tae-yu) appear as the closest aides to Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won) and Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun), respectively. Although Secretary Na and Kim Yang-ki are portrayed as married individuals, it has never been revealed who their respective spouses are.

Based on this background, some netizens speculated that in scenes where Secretary Na and Kim Yang-ki appear separately in “Queen of Tears”, there seems to be a subtle connection between the two regarding topics like babies and parenting, suggesting that they might actually be a married couple.

On the official website of “Queen of Tears”, the characters of Secretary Na and Kim Yang-ki are introduced as “Hae-in’s secretary. A working mom married for three years who occasionally shares a sympathetic bond with Hae-in about marriage and life” and “Hyun-woo’s university friend and a respected divorce lawyer. The only friend Hyun-woo confides in”, respectively.

yoon bo mi

As some viewers and netizens engage in headcanon, wondering if the characters Secretary Na and Kim Yang-ki in “Queen of Tears” are indeed a married couple, curiosity is mounting.

Meanwhile, episode 12 of “Queen of Tears”, which aired on April 14th, recorded an average nationwide rating of 20.7% (provided by Nielsen Korea – based on paid households), and an impressive 23.2% in the Seoul metropolitan area. With this, “Queen of Tears” secured the second-highest viewership rating in tvN history, surpassing “Goblin” (20.5%). Only the all-time highest record of “Crash Landing on You” (21.7%) remains to be surpassed.

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