“Queen of Divorce” Lee Ji-ah and “Flex X Cop” Park Ji-hyun Criticized For Poor Acting Leading To Poor Ratings

Park Ji-hyun and Lee Ji-ah's poor performances are causing their dramas to receive poor rating achievements.

The controversy over Lee Ji-ah’s acting ability continues in “Queen of Divorce,” following her previous work “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise.” Considering her 18 years of experience, it is a shameful situation that the lead actress like herself should be responsible for. In “Queen of Divorce,” Lee Ji-ah’s awkward expression is constantly being pointed out. This is because she made an expressionless face where emotions are unclear all the time, even in situations where she had to act upheaval such as confusion, anger, and sadness. This was even more problematic in the ‘Queen of Divorce’, where she had to act brightly comic.

lee ji ah

Her loveline with Kang Ki-young failed. It was Kang Ki-young and Oh Man-seok, not Lee Ji-ah, who kept the drama going. The drama is full of excitement and comedy, but her performance is not good enough to make viewers feel emerged. After recording 5.8% ratings in the third episode, the drama remained stagnant until the sixth episode. As the “Queen of Divorce” is now halfway through its total of 12 episodes, it seems difficult to rebound from the sluggish performance.

Park Ji-hyun’s acting transformation has become harmful to her career. Park increased her weight by 7 kilograms and cut her hair short to become a detective in “Flex X Cop.” Despite her efforts, however, she has become a hot topic of criticism for her poor performance. The reason was that she always frowns and gets annoyed all the time, according to viewers.

park ji hyun

Many viewers feel frustrated because Ahn Bo-hyun’s character plays an active role but the police seem to disturb him. Ahn Bo-hyun not only solves problems easily with money, but also finds clues to the case, while Park Ji-hyun and the police seem to solve the case belatedly. While “Knight Flower,” which is its competitor at the same broadcast time, had a rating of more than 18%, “Flex X Cop” had shown a lot of problems and only recorded 6%.

Source: TenAsia

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