“I thought it was a cosplay”… Protests against live-action film that is adapted from popular novel

While the movie “My Happy Marriage” is about to be released, it faced protests from fans.

Based on the novel of the same name, the movie “My Happy Marriage” will be released in Japan on March 17th, 2023.

My Happy Marriage

The original novel “My Happy Marriage” is a complex genre that combines romance and fantasy, and has gained worldwide popularity with its unique drawing style and content. Accordingly, the animation production was decided on April 5th.

My Happy Marriage

“My Happy Marriage” tells the story of Miyo, who lost her biological mother early and grew up being abused by her stepmother and half-brother, marrying Kiyoka, a soldier known for his heartlessness and ruthlessness, becoming loved and happy.

Expectations are high on the news of the release of the movie “My Happy Marriage”. A solid lineup including actors Meguro Ren, Imada Mio, and Takahashi Tsutomu was confirmed, drawing attention.

My Happy Marriage

However, when the trailer was released, fans could not hide their disappointment. In the trailer released, Meguro Ren appears with silver hair, just like Kiyoka in the novel.

My Happy Marriage

As the reproduction of the original work is emphasized, the character’s hairstyle and costume are duplicated in the live-action. However, the hairstyle of the male lead, Meguro Ren, does not suit him. Fans left complaints such as, “Let’s stop cosplaying”, “It’s at the level of damaging the original work”, “The wig doesn’t look good on him”, and “What did you do to such a handsome actor?”

Meguro Ren shared his thoughts on playing the main character Kiyoka, saying, “I read the original work. I personally find the relationship between the two and the background of the times fresh, so I fell in love with the original work. When actually acting, I thought it was important how Kiyoka opened his heart.”

Source: Daum

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