Prosecution Demands 1-Year Imprisonment For Woman In Her 40s Who Stalked Rain And Kim Tae-hee

A, the woman who is accused of stalking Rain and Kim Tae-hee, may be sentenced to one year in prison

According to the prosecution on December 8th, they demanded a sentence of one year in prison for A at the trial held by the Seoul Western District Court’s Criminal Division 9 (Judge Kang Young-ki). They also requested the court to order her to complete a program to educate stalkers. A has reportedly been absent from the trials for the second time consecutively.

A is accused of causing anxiety to Rain and Kim Tae-hee as she had visited the couple’s house in Yongsan-gu, Seoul and pressed the doorbell several times since 2021 before being sued for stalking.

kim tae hee bi rain

From March to October 2021, A rang the doorbell of Rain and Kim Tae-hee’s house 14 times in total and received three warnings under the Punishment of Minor Offenses Act. However, in February 2022, A visited the two’s residence again and knocked on the door. In April 2022, she continued stalking the couple by visiting their hair salons. 

At first, the police decided to drop the case, saying it was difficult to prove the necessary continuity and repetitiveness for the crime to establish the crime. However, the prosecution requested a re-investigation and A was eventually indicted in September of the same year. Although A committed the crime only once after the enforcement of the Stalking Punishment Act, the prosecution decided to apply the law in this case based on the repetition of A’s crime with the same motives and methods and prosecuted her without detention.

kim tae hee bi rain

This is not the first time Rain and Kim Tae-hee have experienced such damage. In 2020, B, a man in his 70s, and his wife C broke into the couple’s home without permission. B and C were fined 700,000 won and sentenced to one year of probation.

At that time, B and C argued that Rain’s parents did not pay back the loan for rice from 20 years ago. They even filed a lawsuit against Rain’s father but lost in the case. As they disagreed with the court’s ruling, B and C decided to annoy Rain. 

Meanwhile, the sentence for A on stalking charges is scheduled to be announced at 10 p.m. on January 10th.

Source: Nate

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