Kim Yong Gun shows off his sweet chemistry with daughter-in-law Hwang Bo Ra 

Actors Kim Yong Gun and Hwang Bo Ra revealed their heartwarming in-law relationship on “The President’s People”.

On November 10th, Workhouse Company released a picture with a caption that reads, “The sweet chemistry between actors Kim Yong Gun and Hwang Bo Ra.”

Hwang Bo-ra

In the published photo, Kim Yong Gun and Hwang Bo Ra can be seen walking together under one umbrella. Hwang Bo Ra recently appeared in “The President’s People” alongside Kim Yong Gun, and showed various charms and chemistry.

Kim Yong Gun hwang bo ra

It is known that Kim Yong Gun and Hwang Bo Ra are father-in-law and daughter-in-law, so their meeting aroused a lot of attention. In addition, Kim Yong Gun exuded a sweet side by titling his umbrella towards Hwang Bo Ra while under the rain, while Hwang Bo Ra boasts a closeness to her father-in-law as the two wear matching sweatshirts.

On the other hand, Hwang Bo Ra married Kim Young Hoon (also known as Cha Hyun Woo), CEO of Walk House Company, second son of Kim Yong Gun, and younger brother of Ha Jung Woo, on November 6th.

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