GOT7’s BamBam Recalled Appearing On “Real Man”, “I Want To Go Back To Korean Military”

BamBam of GOT7 recalled his memories of appearing on “Real Man.”

On December 8th, a video titled “Friendship is totally possible between men and women! Kwon Eun-bi, Bam’s family-like older sister” was posted on BamBam’s YouTube channel “Bam’s House.”

In this video, BamBam asked Kwon Eun-bi, “Is there any entertainment show or content you want to do?” and Kwon said, “I want to appear on a physical entertainment show,” referring to “Real Man.”

BamBam had appeared on “Real Men” in 2016. Regarding this, Kwon Eun-bi asked, “Did you participate in this show?” and BamBam replied, “I went to the military in this show when I was 19 years old.”

Kwon Eun-bi asked back, “When you were 19?” and BamBam said, “I know. Why did they send me to the army when I was 19?” He then recalled the time, “I went to the tank unit and came back after two weeks.”

Kwon Eun-bi wondered, “How was it?” BamBam said, “It was really hard. They didn’t spare anything. We thought they would go easy on us as since it’s a show. We thought we were not going to do the real trainings, but it was too real. I didn’t speak Korean well at the time. One time they said “standard (kijun)” Jackson hyung was like, “Kijun? Ears (gwi)?” and I held my ears.”

Kwon said honestly, “You did a lot of things that would get you scolded,” and BamBam said, “But it was a good experience. Honestly, if I ever get to go back to ‘Real Man’ again, I would. If I participate now, I can do much better.”

Kwon Eun-bi asked, “What do you think you’ll do well?” and BamBam answered, “I’ve been there once, and I think my Korean skills and social adaptability have improved a lot besides my physical strength, so I think I’ll do well if I go now.”

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