Proof that G-Friend has the best teamwork in Kpop: Perfect synchronization even when dancing blindfolded 

When it comes to girl groups with the best synchronization, most people would think of TWICE. But G-Friend is actually on a whole new level. 

Known as the girl group with the best dancing performances of Kpop 3rd generation, G-Friend has repeatedly wowed fans with the members’ great dancing skills and unmatched synchronization. G-Friend is also the group that started the trend of x2 speed dance and dancing while wearing blindfolds among idols. It seems that no challenge can make it difficult for G-Friend.

G-Friend best teamwork
G-Friend is the top girl group when it comes to choreography

Despite having disbanded in regret, G-Friend is still an icon when it comes to choreography. Recently, a video showing G-Friend‘s amazing dance skills and teamwork before their disbandment last year suddenly went viral again on social media, drawing admiration from netizens.

Fans compare G-FRIEND’s dance practice for MAGO in normal and blindfolded versions

Specifically, G-Friend once released a blindfold version of their dance practice video for the song MAGO. The members impress fans with incredibly synchronized dance moves, regardless of how complicated the formation is. Fans have edited the regular version and the blindfold version of G-Friend’s dance practice in one video to prove their teamwork is so good that they can nail every part of the choreography with their eyes closed.

G-Friend best teamwork
Netizens say “I don’t see any difference” while watching the 2 versions of G-Friend’s dance practice at the same time
G-Friend best teamwork
Even though some members bump into each other a few times, the overall formation is still the same 
G-Friend best teamwork
Yuju is especially impressive when she moves diagonally without any flaw even though she can’t see anything 
G-Friend best teamwork
As expected of the best dancing girl group of Kpop 3rd gen!

Netizens excitedly commented:

  • G-Friend are scary. They must’ve practiced a lot to get to such an excellent level of singing and dancing.
  • I’m not a fan of G-Friend, but I find the group to be extremely hard-working and talented. I hope they can shine more in the future.
  • You don’t have to be a fan of G-Friend to see how well they dance together, even the amazing chemistry between the members makes my heart melt.
  • So sad that we can’t see this amazing teamwork anymore.
  • The moment Yuju rushed to the right position even though she was still off-center before, it freaked me out. How can she do such a thing?
  • What is the difference between the 2 versions? As a fan of G-Friend, you must always be proud.
G-Friend – MAGO Dance Practice (Eye Mask ver.)
G-Friend best teamwork
G-Friend is definitely the group with the best teamwork

Considering G-Friend‘s amazing dancing performance, some Kpop fans are reminded of another equally famous girl group with incredible in-sync dancing, which is TWICE. Like their colleagues, TWICE constantly impresses fans with dance practice videos showing off their amazing teamwork. However, considering that the JYP girl group has never treated fans to a blindfolded choreography, it seems that G-Friend is still rated a bit higher.

G-Friend best teamwork
TWICE used to go viral because they danced so in sync that it looked like there were 8 members with the lineup of 9-member
G-Friend best teamwork
The characteristic of TWICE’s choreography is their synchronized dance.
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