“Producer 101” contestant Kim Ja Yeon will marry comedian Lee Sang Ho, “There’s no problem with our 10-year age gap”

“Twin” comedian Lee Sang Ho and “Produce 101” singer & fitness model Kim Ja Yeon will get married this September.

Lee Sang Ho (41 years old) and Kim Ja Yeon (32 years old) will hold their wedding in Seoul on the afternoon of September 24th.

Lee Sang Ho made his debut as a comedian through the 21st KBS open recruitment in 2006 and gained popularity after performing various “Gag Concert” shows with his twin brother Lee Sang Min, who debuted in the same generation. He placed 6th in KBS’s “Trot National Sports Festival” in 2020 and is also active as a trot singer.

Kim Ja Yeon appeared on Mnet’s “Produce 101” in 2016 and alter joined the girl group 1NB in March 2017. She participated in the song “A Gloomy Spring” featuring SoulStaR and released a solo single album with songs, such as “Hold My Hand”, “Spring”, etc. Later in June 2019, she won 1st place in the Miss Bikini Short at the Musclemania World Championship held in Miami, the U.S. She is working both as a singer and fitness content creator.

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In an interview with SPOTVNews on the 4th, Kim Ja Yeon praised her soon-to-be husband Lee Sang Ho, saying “He is ten years older than me, but he does aegyo (cute actions) a lot and is always like a reliable pine tree, a person who giving me trust with a consistent presence”. Lee Sang Ho also expressed his affection for Kim Ja Yeon, saying “Watching her always do her best even in small tasks and approach everything meticulously and silently, I realized that I can learn many things from her and decided to marry her despite our huge age gap of 10 years.”

Regarding their first meeting, Kim Ja Yeon shared, “We first met at a gym through a mutual acquaintance. He asked our mutual friend to introduce us, but due to my preparation for a fitness competition, we couldn’t meet. A year later, we met again by chance and our fate began”, adding “We will get married exactly four years after we started dating.”

Source: Daum

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