“Produce 101 Season 2” duo JBJ95 won the lawsuit for the termination of exclusive contract with Star Road Entertainment 

According to legal circles, the 12th Civil Affairs Division of Seoul Western District Court gave the ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in the civil trial held to confirm the termination of the validity of Kim Sang-gyun and Takada Kenta’s exclusive contract with Star Road Entertainment.


Kim Sang-gyun and Takada Kenta filed a lawsuit worth 1000 million won against Star Road on April 9th, 2021. The two also sent proof documents, including requests for the termination of contracts with not only Star Road but also Hunus Entertainment, which was entrusted with contract terms. Regarding this lawsuit, JBJ95 expressed their position, saying “We apologize for causing you a hard time even during this COVID-19 period. We sincerely thank all of our fans, staff, and officials, and we hope that we will be able to greet you with a more mature appearance.”


In their complaints, JBJ95 pointed out Star Road’s poor management, claiming that the members didn’t even have a manager and the details of the settlements were also not clear. On the other hand, Star Road refuted their claims and announced that they would request compensation for damages caused by JBJ95. In particular, the agency revealed that JBJ95’s activities caused them a lot of money that they were not obliged to pay.


In fact, the CEO of Star Road was also accused of various crimes, including fraud in the aftermath of unpaid concert production costs, embezzlement of business funds, breach of trust, and overdue wages of all employees. Star Road explained, “The concerts were not profitable, and the company was also in a difficult situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic”, adding “Although some performances did bring profits, the claim that it was used for the CEO’s personal use is not true”.


Since the first trial in July 2021, the two sides have continued their legal battles through a total of 8 pleading dates.

JBJ95 is a project duo of JBJ, a group formed by members who appeared on “Produce 101”. They released and promoted the mini album “HOME” in October 2018.

Source: daum

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